Luxury chalets

Mountain chalets are individual houses with imposing architecture.

Very often luxurious and massive, these chalets have the right to make all your wildest dreams come true. A heated swimming pool on a roof at an altitude of more than 1000 meters? It is possible. A hamam or a sauna in your room? It is possible. You are passionate about cars and you don’t want to stay outside? No problem, we build car elevators in our luxurious chalets in Haute Savoie.

Often built or adorned with wood and stone, their appearance is typically mountainous, blends into nature and is often worthy of a postcard. The environment surrounding the chalets represents a splendid, delicate setting that will allow you to spend moments of sharing and relaxation in complete tranquility. 

Covered by sloping roofs and a very rustic and natural decoration. The chalets therefore have a cachet that the apartments in the tourist residences cannot match. If their immediate environment wants to blend into the “nature”, for example with a few trees and a breathtaking view, the picture is splendid. This is what makes wooden chalets top-of-the-range products par excellence.

Why live in a cottage? 

Located in the heart of the mountains in a paradisiacal and local setting, we are pleased to see the opportunity to present and offer the opportunity to discover the chalets that we offer for sale.

Concerned and attentive to ensuring that you have unforgettable and unique moments, our architects work hard to create the chalet of your dreams. 

The advantage when you are in the mountains is that there is something for everyone, it is possible to ski, walk, snowshoe, recharge your batteries, enjoy local specialities, sledging and many other activities.

To spend unforgettable days, it is therefore important to stay in a chalet that suits you and meets all your expectations and requirements!

There is something for everyone, if you want a rustic chalet like 50 years ago, it is possible, if you want a luxury chalet outside and inside, it is possible, if you want a luxury chalet inside with a classic and traditional facade, it is possible! 

We offer a wide range of services and constructions in our chalets to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible. As mentioned above, we make all your most incredible dreams come true. It is possible to build a swimming pool to bathe in sublime heated water at an altitude of more than 1500m, it is also possible to build a sauna or a hamam to warm you up after playing with the cold all day. In addition to the swimming pool and sauna, we are entirely at your disposal to build you the chalet of your dreams. From the colour of the mat to the material colour of the wood on your facade, we take care of everything! 

In addition to building a cottage, these are real estate properties that are constantly increasing in value and that many tourists are crazy about. Prices are only increasing because demand is terribly high.